Codes of Conduct at Tallinn University Dormitories due to COVID-19

Guidelines for behavior in Tallinn University student dormitories due to the risk of COVID-19 virus


To prevent infection:

• Pay particular attention to hygiene – wash your hands often and thoroughly. When entering and leaving the house, disinfect your hands with the dispensers installed for this purpose.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

• It is forbidden to invite guests to the student dormitory

• Avoid indoor gatherings and keep away from people – especially those with symptoms of the disease

• Stay sick in your room, even with mild symptoms.

• If you have any symptoms of the disease, you should suspect the coronavirus and call your family doctor and inform the house manager by phone +37253018311 or e-mail


– A roommate or companion with whom you share a room is ill

• In order to limit the spread of the infection, self-isolation should be maintained for 7 days, in particular by restricting movement and avoiding contact with other persons.

• If you develop symptoms, take rapid tests and follow the instructions for dealing with the disease

• in cooperation with the house manager, agree on possible organizational changes for the period of self-isolation (incl. Use of common areas, ventilation, disinfection, etc.)

• use e-shops to get the necessary food or other necessities and order it in the student dormitory

• Follow health safety requirements:

a.wash your hands regularly and disinfect if possible!

b. Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth and nose with your hands!

c. ventilate the rooms regularly (at least twice a day for a minimum of 15 minutes at a time)!

d. if you cough / sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with a paper towel or arm (discard used paper immediately and then wash your hands)!

e. leave your room only when absolutely necessary and do not move around the house. Always wear a mask when leaving your room

– you have been in close contact at a school or similar place and have been notified accordingly

• Vaccinated or surviving people do not need to remain isolated

• monitor your health and take prompt tests if you have any symptoms and follow the instructions to behave in case of illness


1. If you or your roommate have:

– fever, cough, headache and / or sore throat, please call:

a. to your family doctor for further instructions on further treatment;

b. outside the family doctor’s appointment or, in the absence of a family doctor, to the family doctor’s advice telephone number 1220;

– difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, please call: a. call the emergency number 112 and call an ambulance. NB! When calling, please be sure to inform us of any previous contact with a COVID-19 incident or previous foreign trip. If you experience any of the above symptoms, do not go to the hospital’s emergency department or family doctor’s office, but ask for treatment recommendations and instructions by phone.

2. The house manager must be notified of the illness by phone +37253018311 or e-mail or a corresponding notice must be sent to

3. A person diagnosed with COVID-19 shall be prohibited from leaving his or her place of residence or usual residence from the time of diagnosis until recovery.

4. A person is at risk of infection for up to 10 days after the onset of symptoms. A person is declared healthy if he or she does not have:

– fever for at least three days,

– Signs of respiratory disease (especially cough and sore throat) have resolved

The family doctor decides on recovery and return to society.

Persons with reduced mobility will be given new bed linen once during the restricted period, but the used one will not be taken away – it must be left in their room and closed in a plastic bag.